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A show on tv featured street fashion blogs. These blogs showcase photos of uniquely dressed individuals the blog authors meet on the street. One author believed that fashion designers get inspiration from what people wear on the streets.

I am a bit adventurous when it comes to my everyday get-up, so to get inspiration I googled japanese street fashion, since the japanese are at the forefront of street fashion, and found these two interesting sites.

Japanese Streets
Snapshots of fashionable individuals and designers, including a close-up of their accessories. The site not only features Tokyo street fashion but also Osaka fashion, and cosplay.

Tokyo Style Arena
My favorite at the moment. This site focuses on Tokyo fashion and is more informative and organized than the first. It has four sections: street fashion, shop, premiere and new tribe. The pictures are categorized depending on the place (Shibuya, Harakuju, Ginza...) and style (visual kei, lolita, shiro gal). It also features emerging styles in Tokyo (referred to as Tokyo new tribe). Each section is updated once a week and is maintained by the Japanese Fashion Association.

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Just an observation: local fashion is 2 years behind the Japanese... just look at back issues of Japanese mags and those are what's hot right now. (or maybe I haven't been exposed to city fashion yet)

photo credit: Tokyo Style Arena

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